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ANNUALS Specialty Flats of 18's ALTERNANTHERA $22.00 LANTANA $20.00 Red Thread Chartreuse Little Ruby Miss Huff Dallas Red Trailing White New Gold Chapel Hill Sunny Side Up Chapel Hill Yellow ANGELONIA $16.50 Weeping Lavender Magic Hour - $22.50 Serena Series Pink Lavender Pink Blue Bandana Series $22.50 Mix Lavender Purple Cherry Sunrise Red Rose Lemon Zest White Waterfall Mix Raspberry Orange Sunrise Peach White Cherry Pink Serenita Series Lucky Series $22.50 Lavender Pink White Purple Lemon Glow White Pot Of Gold Flame Raspberry Mix Little Lucky Series $22.50 Hot Pink Pot of Gold Lemon Cream Peach Glow BEGONIA $16.50 Baby Wing Series PENTA $16.50 Pink White Red Bicolor Butterfly Series Big Series Lavender Mix Dp Pink Dp Rose White Red/Bronze Leaf Rose/Bronze Leaf Graffiti Series Red/Green leaf Rose/ Green Leaf Lavender Lipstick Pink Red Dragonwing Series Rose Violet White Red velvet Pink Red Whopper Series PETUNIA (ON ORDER ONLY) $16.50 Red/Bronze Leaf Rose/Bronze Leaf Easy Wave Series Red/Green Leaf Rose/Green Leaf Tropicanna Mix Shell Pink Violet Great Lakes Mix White Neon Rose COLEUS $20.00 Southbeach Mix Coral Blue SUN COLEUS Beachcomber Mix Red Pink Alabama Sunset Pineapple Formula Mix Plum New Look Silver Dust Dipt In Wine Rustic Orange PLUMBAGO $20.00 Gay's Delight Redhead Blue White India Frills Finger Paint Wasabi Trusty Rusty PORTULACA $20.00 Chocolate Covered Cherry Cinderella Kong Series Rio Series Red Mosaic Rose Salmon Pink Rose Pink White Yellow Scarlet DURANTA $22.50 ZINNIA $16.50 Gold Edge Aurea Magellan Series Salmon Scarlet Yellow Mix Pink IMPATIENS $16.50 Cherry Coral Ivory Orange Divine Series (New Guinea) Star Series Pink Cherry Red Hot Mix Gold Orange White Starlight Mix Orange Scarlet Red Mystic Mix Swizzle Series Lavender Violet White Cherry & Ivory Scarlet & Yellow Compact Sunpatiens Series $22.50 Blush Pink Red Hot Coral Electric Orange White Deep Rose Magenta Lilac Pink Coral
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